Why You Should Avoid Sexting Your Mistress

Sending your mistress a sext can be very tempting, especially if you don’t get to see her as often as you would like. Chances are that you don’t get many chances to sext anyone, especially if your wife isn’t particularly into the idea of sexting. While sexting your mistress might seem like a good idea at the time, it can actually be a very bad idea and it might be something you want to avoid at all costs. Knowing why you shouldn’t sext your mistress can be what makes your affair a successful one and keeps you from getting caught by your wife. She Might Not Appreciate It “She’ll think you to be too desperate for sex” Some women just don’t like the idea of sexting, and your mistress might be one of them. You can try to sext her and she may even respond, but there’s always a chance that she really doesn’t like it and would prefer if you wouldn’t. Sometimes sexting can be a good way of building anticipation and getting your mistress excited about seeing you again, but only if you know for certain that she will actually appreciate it. Going through the trouble of trying to sext your mistress only to find out that she…

Should You Lie about Being Single to Get Dates?

To be single or not to be single; that is the question on every cheating guy’s mind. When you’re hitting on a hot woman at the bar or online, should you let slip that you’ve got a committed relationship at home? It’s great to find a woman who gets a thrill out of hooking up with a forbidden man, but is it worth the risk of her rejecting you? For One Night Stands “It’s just for one night. She’ll not even know that you are married” If you’re going to hook up with this woman and then never see her again, don’t mention your girlfriend or wife. That’s just a good rule of thumb. You’re not going to need her to maintain your cover long term so it’s fine to keep her in the dark. Tonight should be about you and her finding what you want. Don’t drag in other people and you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to seduce her. Nothing matters tonight except the two of you. For Long Term Flings Long-term affairs are more complication than a one night stand. It’s fine to keep your hookup in the dark about your relationship. A mistress has to know what she’s getting herself into. You want her…

Learning How to Outsmart Her

Women may seem like they know everything when it comes to catching you cheating. However, women aren’t as smart as they seem. In fact, the reason why they seem to always catch us isn’t because they are super intelligent, nor does it has anything to do with women’s intuition. The reason why women catch us is simply because a lot of men are too sloppy when it comes to cheating. When you’re sloppy, you’ll end up getting caught. Indirectly Reassuring Her It’s hard to get caught cheating if your wife can never find the evidence. When it comes to cheating, the best way to outsmart your snooping wife is to delete things like emails and text messages right after you send or receive them. If you don’t want to have to remember to delete your email conversations that you’ve had with your other woman, you can easily create a new email account to use only with her. Make sure not to link this email account to your main account, especially if your wife knows your password. You should also remember to set it so that your computer never remembers your username and password for your new email account. After you’ve set up your email account, give your wife the password…


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