The Definitive Review: Why Is Flawed for Affairs


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The site is an absolute nightmare to navigate. Its terrible layout joins with the acres of fake profiles to make for a singularly awful experience.

There’s very little about that you can’t hate. The layout, first of all, is awful, and made our Gleeden rating hell on earth to even come close to completing.

The other issue we had with was that it’s just full of fakes. The moment we logged in is the moment that we saw a ton of fake profiles, and that made us very hesitant to keep using it. Gleeden scams make up most of the site, and that’s really no fun at all.

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The Results of Our Thorough Six Month Test of

We ended up spending a total of six months on our Gleeden rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 300 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t just Gleeden scams.

From those 300 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 105 replies. Only 1 woman wanted to meet up with us, but she never ended up showing, so no affairs for us.

Breaking Down: The Fatal Flaws

Good luck finding anything but fakes on this site. The moment we signed into this site is the moment we realized that, and there was no turning back.

Gleeden overlay image

It makes it nigh impossible to find a real date, and that’s why we mostly were grinding our teeth the whole time we were here. It’s not good. in the News

There are a ton of ways to improve your sex life, though that’s really not going to end up happening on

The Verdict: Should You Use for Affairs? We Say…

We absolutely hated, and that’s why we would never come close to recommending this site to anyone. It’s just a waste of time, and instead, you should really check out our number one site, LonelyHousewivesClub by

20 Responses to “The Definitive Review: Why Is Flawed for Affairs”

  1. Liquid Mountain gets a bad review for me. It’s one of the worst sites I’ve used recently and I don’t look for that to change.

  2. This site makes others look good in comparison, that’s how bad it is. I didn’t meet any women on here.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever used a site that I’m absolutely CONVINCED is a scam before, but that’s how this is.

  4. I guess is a legit site? At least that’s what I’m hearing from everyone I know. I have no clue.

  5. Deangelo Barnes

    I’ve used bad sites and I’ve used good ones and this is defintely one of the bad ones, trust me.

  6. Captain Jack Crawhawk

    I wanted to test out but for the life of me I don’t remember why I wanted to tbh.

  7. I couldn’t possibly leave this site a high rating. I feel like that would jus tbe lying to future users.

  8. Meaty Monkey

    2014 hasn’t been a good year for dating sites so far. I’ve left bad reviews on all the ones I’ve used.

  9. Is a good dating site? I think it seems alright but I’m terrible at judging these things, it seems.

  10. Joaquin Swabey

    Sites like this are the bane of my existence. I just want to get laid, what’s so wrong with that?

  11. deserves every bad review it gets. Honestly, it’s not even trying to make itself look good. Come on now.

  12. In comparison to others I’ve used this one falls really flat of every expectation I’ve ever had for these sites.

  13. Boiling Jackal

    There’s nothing worse than a scam site and that’s exactly what this one is. I’m pretty pissed with it, honestly.

  14. Who knows if is legit? I’ve been looking around for reviews but I can’t find any. I gotta know!

  15. I thought I’d found a good site when I found this one, but in reality I just found another disappointment.

  16. I can’t remember why I signed up to test out but I know that I didn’t like it at all.

  17. Rating this site lowly was all I could do to warn future possible users against it. I helped them out.

  18. Stormy Warehouse

    I hope this site gets better as 2014 goes on, maybe then I’ll come back and leave a better review.

  19. is one dating site I can definitely say I haven’t seen mentioned much before. I wonder about that tbh.

  20. Ezekiel Sealis

    I’m so fed up with sites like this that I think I’ll be happy if I never see another one again.


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