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Fake profiles posted by the site's administration and the old bait-and-switch with profile locations are the name of the game here. Suffice to say, you won't get dates. is one site that we were glad to be rid of. The moment that we logged into it for our DiscreetAdventures rating is the moment that we became privy to a half a dozen DiscreetAdventures scams.

This is because this site puts them there deliberately. There’s nothing real on as far as we could tell, and that makes it one hot mess of a site.

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The Results of Our Thorough Six Month Test of

We ended up spending a total of six months on our DiscreetAdventures rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 300 e-mails to women we hoped weren’t just DiscreetAdventures scams.

From those 300 e-mails, we only received a pathetic total of 41 responses. This was really sad, especially considering we didn’t get a single offer to even meet up.

Breaking Down: The Fatal Flaws

Most of the scams on this site are bait and switch scams, which means that they deliberately put up fake profiles just to make you join the site.

overlay img DiscreetAdventures

After those profiles are up, they lie about the location, and switch it as soon as you join. This way, you’ll absolutely never get a chance to meet anyone on this site. in the News

Zinc is something that can really help your sex drive, and this article can help you understand that in ways that never could:

The Verdict: Should You Use for Affairs? We Say…

We really didn’t like This site is a waste of time, which is why you should check out our number one site LonelyHousewivesClub by instead.

20 Responses to “The Definitive Review: Why Is Flawed for Affairs”

  1. Rat Reborn seemed like such a good site to review, but it turned out to be a fake site. I’m so disappointed.

  2. Don’t even tell me that this site is good in comparison to the big ones, because I know better than that.

  3. Invader Serious

    I wish I could have seen before I joined that this site was a scam, but I guess I was blinded.

  4. seems legit so that must mean it is, right? All those rumors about scam dating sites have to be fake…

  5. Nothing good can come of keeping these kinds of sites online, so we should all try to shut them down.

  6. Streaming Dreaded Laser

    I did a test run of for a friend, but it was honestly one of the worst sites I’ve ever seen.

  7. I was going to give this site a really good rating until my identity got stolen by a “woman” on here.

  8. Pilot Strange

    My favorite review site from 2014 said that this site wasn’t to be trusted, so I won’t be joining it.

  9. I think is a dating site for affair dating and I think it might be just what I need.

  10. Florentino Prevatt

    Why do sites like this never work? I always get so excited, and it’s all for nothing! This is crap!

  11. I wrote a review for for my blog, but I felt bad writing about a fake site. Forgive me!

  12. Wow, this site is shit in comparison to the big dogs. Did they even try to make a good site or what?

  13. My biggest fears have come true. I’ve been on here for years and I just found out it’s a scam.

  14. If you’ve used, let me know what you liked and didn’t like about it. I’m trying to make a decision.

  15. Gerardo Dennis

    Ugh, are there any good women left online? All the women on here are hideous beyond all reason. No thanks.

  16. Liquid Angel

    Test out if you want to, but I was a member of this site for a year and I didn’t get shit.

  17. Rating this site is so hard because I can’t even give it a low enough ranking to make me happy.

  18. Any review saying that this site is good from 2014 is lying. This site is a really well known scam.

  19. I think seems like a dating site I might want to someday use. The name sounds appealing for sure.

  20. Filiberto Greif

    I guess I should try more sites like this but after this one was so bad I’m just really hesitant.


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