Tell the Truth, Then Embellish

It’s important to remember that every single good story starts with the truth. Even on cheap affair dating sites, you need to make all of your lies start with some bit of truth in them.

You can add on from there.

Once you start with that bit of truth, you can embellish from there if you need to. While we really don’t recommend that you go crazy, there’s no harm in a little bit of story telling.

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One example that we like to use in this circumstance is that if you’re married with kids, you can say that you still have kids, but your wife is the ex. That way, your partner doesn’t have to know that you’re still with your wife.

While telling lies can certainly help you in some ways, it’s important that you don’t go too overboard, and of course, that you keep track of it all. If you don’t, then you’ll end up digging your own grave.

Get used to using it.

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It’s important that you never let your lies get too big for you to handle. This isn’t some weird romantic comedy; this is just you reading affair dating site reviews, and getting what you want.

If you aren’t used to the lie, then you need to practice it. Make sure that you have your story straight, or quite frankly, just don’t lie at all. If you can’t keep the lie straight, there’s no reason for it.

While it’s tempting to make yourself the CEO of your own company, for example, that’s not going to fly when you don’t have the funds or look to really back it up. Just don’t go there.

Women know when something’s wrong.

They’re smarter than a lot of men want to give them credit for, so don’t get caught in a lie just because you think you can out smart her. Here’s the thing: you can’t. Just don’t tell lies that require that sort of finagling, and you’ll be much, much better off in your affairs.


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