The Worst First Time Scenarios for an Affair

Having an affair can be messy. If you get caught by your wife, you’re going to be in a whole world of pain. It can also get messy with the woman you’re cheating with. If she gets jealous or develops feelings for you, the affair can become a bomb just waiting to go off. The first time you cheat with the new woman you’re setting the stage for the rest of the affair. If you go about it all wrong, we guarantee there’s going to be trouble later on.

Being Seen By Someone You Know

girl taking pants off guy

“Don’t forget to lock the door”

There’s an art to adultery, particularly if you don’t want to get caught. For that reason it’s not a good idea to pick up new women at a place you often frequent with your spouse and your mutual friends. Even if it’s more convenient, don’t do it. Even the remotest chance that someone you know sees you hitting on a woman that’s not your wife can ruin your life. If you really want to carry on with an affair and not be caught, it’s a good idea to avoid familiar places and women that might have mutual acquaintances.

Being Caught By Your Wife

This should never happen unless you’re looking for a real good reason for your marriage to end. The easiest way to get caught by your wife is to cheat in your own home. Maybe you think it’d be hot to do a new woman in your own bed (we think it is too). But unless you’re keen to go through an ugly divorce, don’t act on that desire. Conducting your affair anywhere your wife might find you is a bad call.

Choking Up

Maybe an affair sounds like a good idea in your head. Maybe when the time comes you’re suddenly not so sure. Nothing can ruin the first time you cheat like an acute case of nerves. If you’re choking up with guilt or anxiety, it’s going to destroy the mood. What’s worse, you might piss her off. If you’re not absolutely certain that you want to screw around on your wife, don’t do it. You’ll be saving yourself a headache.

Confusing Her with Your Wife

girl laying on guy
“Don’t treat her as your wife ”

Saying the wrong name can easily happen, especially if you still care for your wife. Calling your mistress by your wife’s name is asking for trouble, unless she’s incredibly easygoing about it. Try to keep all thoughts of your spouse out of your head during that first time (and if it happens more, every other time too). Focus on the woman you’re with. Confusing the two of them can ruin the mood and ruin some feelings.


Like we said earlier, if you’re not completely sure you want to have an affair, don’t do it. Bad nerves and guilt can lead to performance issues on your end. And if you can’t get it up with a new woman you’re going to feel completely shitty about everything. If you even suspect you’re going to have troubles performing, call the whole thing off.


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