Three Key Ways a Casual Affair Will Boost Your Relationship

girl and guy in bed
“A relationship outside your marriage will make you feel satisfied”

Indulging yourself with a casual affair can be the best thing for your relationship. We’re not talking about an out and out battle for your love with this. We mean casual sex with some perks, like dinner before. You can experience a great relationship boost if you play your cards right. These are the three main benefits of giving in to temptation in this situation.

Take the Pressure off Your Real Relationship

Anyone who’s not having sex knows the toll that takes on a relationship. Sooner or later everything becomes about the lack of sex. That’s not good for your relationship. It’s making her unhappy, and it’s making you unhappy, and it’s stopping you from seeing the great things about your relationship. Blowing off steam with a lady on the side means that when you get home to your wife or girlfriend you can think of something besides sex. The two of you can start to have fun together again. This is a huge step forward for couples who have fallen into the no-sex spiral.

Wipe Away the Resentment

guy kissing girl
“It will make your sex life better”

Even when you can look past the fact that you’re not having sex at home it can still influence so much about your life. When you’re not getting what you want it strains other areas. You build up resentments that creep into every facet of your life with your real girlfriend or wife. You don’t want to feel this way, it just happens. Getting what you want with a mistress means that you can get rid of the resentments that are holding back your regular life. You can sit down to breakfast with your wife or talk about bills with your girlfriend free of resentment and irritation.

Boost Your Confidence and Mood

Face it: it feels great to get with a new woman. The thrill of the conquest isn’t entirely made up. When you know you have what it takes to close the deal you feel good about yourself. You’re confident, you’re dominant, and you’re in control of your life. These qualities carry over to the rest of your life. All of a sudden you’re back to climbing the ranks at work. Your friends are respecting you more and more. You can go home to your lady and impress her with how good you feel.

When you feel like a great, powerful, in control man you’re going to treat your wife like a princess. You’re going to take care of her. You’re going to be the supportive husband that you’ve always been but were hampered by the circumstances you had to live with. Which do you think your girlfriend or wife would rather deal with: A) Grumpy, unfulfilled, resentful you, or B) Confident, happy, supportive, fulfilled you? That’s right, by taking the step to find a mistress and get what you need you’re making yourself better to be around.

When you enter into an affair with the idea that you’re not going to be leaving your committed relationship it gives you a lot of freedom. You can take the good things you get from your affair and bring them home to your real relationship. This will keep both you and your committed lady happy and fulfilled.


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