Spotting a Home Wrecker When Hunting for a Mistress

“Don’t let her become clingy and break your marriage”

For many guys the boredom of being with the same woman for so long can really become a hassle. Because of that they go out and find themselves some sort of scandalous woman who’s down to have a fling with. This can end in a one night stand or it might blossom to be a whole romance movie type affair. But whatever way you’re thinking of it going, you’ve got to make sure of one thing: you cannot end up with a home wrecker. Even though you aren’t exactly being faithful to your wife or girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that you hate her.

What’s the Big Deal?

Before we even get into how to avoid a home wrecker, you’ve got to know why. If you can’t already tell from the name, she wrecks homes. So if you get involved with her you’re pretty much guaranteeing that your lady at home is going to find out in such a way that she leaves your ass in shambles.

She’s a Home Wrecker If…

Figuring out that she’s a home wrecker right off the bat is nearly impossible. But there are still ways of spotting the signs early on in the fling.

She’s Jealous

Jealousy is never really a good thing. Even if you’re one of those guys who really likes to have his woman fawn over him and proclaim loudly that you’re hers. When you’re getting into an affair a jealous woman will ruin everything. You either have to find a woman that’s not extremely jealous (good luck) or keep it a secret from her. While you might be thinking that you can’t find out if she’s jealous unless you tell her, think again. Grab your sexy side chick and take her out to the bar. Now wait until a female talks to you. It doesn’t matter if this stranger is just trying to get by you at the bar or actually hit on you, your side lady won’t like it one bit. If she gets mad at you and gives you shit for the rest of the night then you know she’s not fond of other women being around you. That’s not a good sign. If she straight up wants to fight this other woman then you need to haul ass away from her.

She’s Too Serious

“Don’t let your affair become too serious”

When you first start a relationship there’s one of three ways that it can go. One: Everything goes at a normal pace. Two: Things are a little slow to heat up. Three: She wants to get married….like right now. Finding yourself a woman that loves you might seem nice, but when you’re just trying to find some fun on the side that’s the last thing that you want. Light, fun, and relaxed are all words that should describe your new romance. If she suddenly wants to start making babies and getting married then you know that if she found out that you’re already taken she’s going to get really pissed. If you tell her that she’s not your number one you had better make sure she doesn’t know your last name.


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