Real Life Wife Swapping

While the bout of swinging that was popular in our parent’s day has died out, it doesn’t mean that couples aren’t down for some sexy swapping. It might be because you and your wife (or girlfriend) are a little on the freaky side or because you’re looking for something new. Any way you cut it, swapping with another couple can be an exciting chance to feel like you’re getting to have an affair. But the most common road block is the fact that your wife feels like it would be cheating. For you, that’s part of the appeal, but you can’t necessarily tell her that. But getting her to agree to a little wife swap won’t be as hard as you think.

Bring Up Your Boredom


“Talk about your boring sex life with your wife”

You don’t want to surprise her when you suggest getting it on with other people. Not only is it going to scare the crap out of her, it’s also going to bring the chances of her saying “yes” down to about zero. The proper way of bringing the subject up is to sweet talk her. Mention how amazing she is and that you love having sex with her. She’ll love the compliments and be in a better mood for it. Then you get to ask her if there’s ever been a sexy fantasy that she’d like to try. She might ask you if you don’t like what you’ve been doing in bed. Never ever say that that’s why you’re bringing all of this up. Avidly deny that you could ever need anything more, but since you’ve been together for so long you can be more adventurous. Your trust and love has stood the test of time and now is the ideal point in your relationship that you can try the weird stuff without getting scared or break up with each other. Find out what her fantasy is and…

Do It


“Find a couple who is ready for the deal”

…fulfill it for her. Even if it’s not something related to wife swapping or even to anything that you’d be interested in, you get to man up and make your lady happy. Hopefully she’ll be down for something that you’re into too. Maybe it’s anal; maybe it’s spanking your ass for a change. Whatever it is, doing this for her will make it a lot easier to get her to agree to a little switcheroo. Actually, the less pleasant it is for you, the better. She’ll feel way more obliged to do something that you want to later on.

Suggest the Swap

Now that you’ve gotten into her side of the sexual fantasies it’s your turn. Ask her to try out one of your fantasies since you gave hers a go. Suggest swapping with another couple. She will probably flare up and demand to know why you would ever want to have sex with another woman. Tell her it’s more than that, it’s also getting to see her being pleasured from a new angle. For a lot of guys that’s a turn-on. Instead of asking for her to let you go at it with her friend, suggest finding a couple online that’s willing to get together. Then there are no other relationships going on.


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