Keeping Your Mistress from Turning into a Stalker

“She is keeping a close eye on you”

When you start up a side relationship you’re taking a lot of risks. They all fall along the lines of your wife or girlfriend finding out, your side woman telling your wife everything, or your side woman getting way too into your relationship. That last one is by far the worst. You might be wondering how having someone be in love with you is worst than losing the woman you actually love, but it is. When your mistress turns into a stalker, it can ruin more than just your personal life. If you’re not careful she can get involved with your wife, your family, and even threaten those close to you. Stalkers are serious business, so try these steps to keep her from going too far.

Keep It to Yourself

Once you’ve made the decision to actually have an affair, keep it at that. Affairs are just meant to be a refreshing, passionate relationship other than your main one. It’s meant to be light on the commitment side and mostly sexual. To keep it this way you can go one of two routes. The first is to keep everything on a need to know basis. Your first name is pretty much all that she should know. You can go out on dates and have awesome sex, but when she asks you about your personal life or information you simply smile and say that that’s not what you’re here to talk about.

If you’re not very good at keeping information to yourself, then make up some new stuff. You can change your name, your occupation, where you live, what kind of movies you like, etc. It’s almost like you’re making up a new character, so you get to change whatever you’d like. Maybe you’re not a car salesman; you’re actually a website designer. Have you always hated the name Julian? Well congratulations because now you’re Robert. You get the point. The only think that you have to be careful about is making sure that you remember everything that you’re saying. She sure will.

Watch for the Signs

“She might follow you to know your house and other details”

Stalkers don’t just start stalking out of nowhere. Watching out for the signs of a stalker can save you the trouble of dealing with one later. While you’re hopefully not telling your mistress that she’s only the side dish, you should keep an out of for her acting jealous, possessive, or sneaky. Obviously being jealous is never a good thing. Even if you want to feel wanted, having her flip out over other women talking to you or coming near you does not qualify. That means that she’s going to be possessive. Remember being possessive over your toys when you were a kid? You’d get all pissy if someone else touched tem and that ultimately ended up with something being fought over. The same goes for being possessive over a person, except that there are actual repercussions other than your army man missing his head. After she starts getting jealous and possessive you might notice her sneaking around in your pockets or phone after you’ve fallen asl eep. None of this is okay, and once you notice it happening you should break it off.


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