Keep Your Mistress from Telling Your Wife

“Make sure that your girlfriend never meets your wife”

When we have affairs it’s not because we don’t love our wives or girlfriends. Things just tend to get a little bit boring after a while and need some spicing up. If we didn’t still want to be in our main relationship we’d just break-up and move on. But that’s not how a woman’s mind would work. If she found out that you’re sleeping with another woman then she’ll automatically assume it’s because you don’t love her and don’t want to be with her. Which is why you have to make sure that your women never find out about each other. It’s not the worst thing to keep your wife or girlfriend in the dark, but the mistress is a whole other issue. Once she finds out she’s probably not going to be very happy and will want to share that misery. So your wife is next on the list to tell.

Be Proactive

The best way to keep your mistress from running her mouth is to give her nothing to say. When you take on a mistress you’re taking on the danger of her revealing your sexual relationship. So the best way to keep her quiet is to make sure that you are very selective with the information that you give her. Your first name is fine, but keeping even that to yourself would be beneficial. If she doesn’t know your last name she can’t look you or your wife up in the local directory. Keeping your place of employment and home to yourself will only go further to make sure that she can’t show up at whatever hour she’d like and rummage through your day-to-day life.

But You’ve Already Told Her

“You might have to bribe your girlfriend to save your marriage”

If you’ve already made the mistake of telling your side lady about your home, name, and occupation…well, bad on your part. Honestly from here on out you can only do one thing: you’ve got to bribe her. Giving her money or objects to keep her quiet will work for however long it keeps coming in, though. So the moment you withhold the check she might start talking. The problem with a scorned woman looking to ruin your life is that you cannot control her. You can only do your best to pay her off. Try and agree on a set amount so that you at least have a goal. Of course, she can always demand more, but she’d have to be a particular kind of cruel lady to do that.

If you’re short on cash you can always beg her to not ruin your life. Play to the side of her that might still care about you a little bit. Beyond that is committing yourself to keeping her happy. Promise that you’ll stick around and do your best to be a good boyfriend figure to her. Eventually she may ask that you break-up with your wife or girlfriend, so you’ll have to make up some excuses to avoid doing that.

Obviously none of these situations are ideal, but when you’re having an affair it’s a really dangerous thing. The best way to keep your wife from finding out is to be smart about it and make sure that your side lady doesn’t find out too much about you. After all, she’s not the main course.


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