Is Quality or Quantity Better When You Hook up on the Side

"He has got quality and quantity both"

“He has got quality and quantity both”

Some men figure that if they’re going to cheat they might as well cheat with the best. Why go out for hamburger when there’s steak at home? Only go out for a bigger, juicier, flirtier steak. Other men think that the key to happiness in an affair is to find a willing woman, enjoy her company, and never see her again. Rinse and repeat so that you’re never bored or stagnant. Which of these men have the right idea about having a satisfactory affair?

You’re Not Girlfriend Shopping

The first thing to consider when you’re looking to hook up is that you’re not girlfriend shopping. The traits that you’d usually look for in a woman don’t apply. You just have to know if you think she’s sexy. In this case that means that you can jettison a lot of the things you look for in a woman. She doesn’t have to be sexy enough to have you coming back time and time again. A one night stand should be good enough for a fling. In this situation, quantity is better because quality doesn’t matter so much. As long as she’s pretty enough for you to enjoy your time with her you’ve got what you came for.

How Often Do You Really Need It

"Ask yourself: How much sex do you need out of your relationship?"

“Ask yourself: How much sex do you need out of your relationship?”

How often do you need to have sex outside of your relationship to be happy? If you find that you only really need to cheat once a month or less, you should go for quality. Make sure that every time is perfect. Find a great woman, get a hotel and the whole nine yards. If you need to cheat once a week or more then you just cannot be picky. It’s time to focus on quantity and know that as long as there’s a good average quality you should be fine. If you really need to hook up tonight then beggars can’t be choosers.

Pros of Taking What You Can Get

One of the hardest things about dating when you’re in a relationship is to know that your options are limited. When you’re single you have a chance with all the best ladies. When you’re in a relationship, you have to content yourself with taking the best of the women who don’t mind being the other woman. You can also have your pick of women who don’t bother to try to find out if you’re seeing someone or not. However, this whole new thing means that you have to be realistic in your expectations. Every guy wants to cheat with the busty secretary or some random supermodel. However, realistically, you have to assess your options. Consider your dating pool when you’re assessing what a woman rates on your scale. She might be only a seven, but out of the women you could take home tonight she could be a nine by comparison.

In the end, whether you should focus on quality or quantity depends on your sexual appetite. As a rule, though, focusing on quality makes it more difficult for you to be caught.


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