Are Smartphone Cheating Apps worth the Risk

"Smartphone apps help you find women for hook-up"

“Smartphone apps help you find women for hook-up”

Technology is making it easier and easier to find ladies to hook up with. There are more than a couple smartphone apps that are dedicated to finding your next fling. Not all of them are just for cheating, but a few are. Convenience is usually the ultimate measure of an application, but in the case of cheating you also have to weigh risk. Are these apps in general worth the chance you’ll get caught?

What Are the Odds You’re Free?

A lot of these are proximity apps. When you pass by someone else who also has the app, you have a chance to connect with them. When you’re thinking of downloading this kind of app you have to ask yourself if you’re really going to have time to just drop what you’re doing and get some coffee and a quickie with someone the app points out to you. Do you have that kind of time? Do you usually go out to singles heavy areas with your girlfriend? You don’t want to have to deal with your phone trying to set you up with random women with your girlfriend at your shoulder. If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to cruise random bars then you probably won’t benefit from the app.

Does Anyone Else Ever Touch Your Phone?

With more and more private information being carried on phones, most people aren’t eager to part with them. But if your main lady doesn’t have a smartphone of her own, you might find yourself handing yours over more and more so she can play with it. Or maybe she’s just the snooping kind, or you tend to leave your phone places. If you know that other people have regular contact with your phone then you should not get these apps. Even if you just lend it out for totally different, innocent things, you should avoid it. All it takes is one poorly timed notification and you have to trust that your buddy from work isn’t going to tell his girlfriend that you’re cheating. Gossip spreads faster than you could hope to keep up. If you don’t keep your cheating a secret then no one else will. However, if you’re sure that your phone is your property and no one else will ever use it then there’s no risk to putting these apps on your phone.

What’s the Quality of Hookups


“Can you hook up with any woman you meet in the street?”

The final aspect to consider is whether or not you even want to hook up with the women who use these apps. What do you think they’re getting out of it? If you scan these apps and find that they’re full of hot, exciting women who want a thrill, then you should keep them. However, you’ll probably find that the ladies are desperate, and not in a good way. The bridesmaids at a wedding are the right kind of eager desperation. The women who regularly turn to hookup apps for their only sexual contact are probably desperate because most guys don’t want them.

Taken together, the risk of being caught and/or meeting the kind of women you don’t even want to cheat with outweigh the benefits of most hookup apps.


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