Why You Should Come Up with a Sob Story to Get Laid

“Come up with a sob story to gain a soft corner” Scoring an affair can be difficult enough if you are going around to meet women while pretending that you aren’t married. Scoring an affair can be even more difficult and may even seem impossible if you keep your wedding ring on when you go out to meet women. In truth, there are ways to work around the ring and use it to your advantage. Coming up with a sob story and making up a false reason for the reason why you still wear a wedding ring can actually do wonders to help you get laid. You likely don’t want to try and come up with a fake story if you’re going to have more than a one-night stand, but for a short fling it can be perfect. The Benefits of a Sob Story Coming up with a sob story can help you when you strive to have an affair because it can be the perfect way to convince women that you aren’t married and that you have a reason for hooking up. It may be easier just to conceal the fact that you’re married, but some women can tell if you’ve recently removed a ring just by looking at…

Why You Should Avoid Sexting Your Mistress

Sending your mistress a sext can be very tempting, especially if you don’t get to see her as often as you would like. Chances are that you don’t get many chances to sext anyone, especially if your wife isn’t particularly into the idea of sexting. While sexting your mistress might seem like a good idea at the time, it can actually be a very bad idea and it might be something you want to avoid at all costs. Knowing why you shouldn’t sext your mistress can be what makes your affair a successful one and keeps you from getting caught by your wife. She Might Not Appreciate It “She’ll think you to be too desperate for sex” Some women just don’t like the idea of sexting, and your mistress might be one of them. You can try to sext her and she may even respond, but there’s always a chance that she really doesn’t like it and would prefer if you wouldn’t. Sometimes sexting can be a good way of building anticipation and getting your mistress excited about seeing you again, but only if you know for certain that she will actually appreciate it. Going through the trouble of trying to sext your mistress only to find out that she…

Why You Should Avoid Cheating with Women with Daddy Issues

A lot of people like to joke about women with daddy issues, but they actually do exist. In fact, women with daddy issues are probably one of the worst types of women to date. These women do nothing but drama and leave you regretting your decision to fool around on your wife. More importantly, women with daddy issues, will try to make you feel like you’re the bad guy and some will even try to ruin the relationship that you have with your wife. She Will Destroy Your Marriage “She will tell you to leave your wife” Whether it’s because her own father left her mother or that her father never treated her or her mother with the love they deserved, it is just something about women with daddy issues that makes them completely insane. We will admit, at first it is kind of flattering. Most women with daddy issues will be willing to do whatever you want her to do. To her, you are the only man in the world that matters even if you are with another woman. Women with daddy issues are also typically amazing in bed. They want to please you in hopes that you’ll stick around. If you’re the type of guy who enjoys experimenting…

Why She Wants to See You Order a “Girly” Drink

“Be confident while ordering a drink for her” When most guys head to the bar they go one of two ways: they order a beer all night or they’re doing shots like nobody’s business. The world is really sexist when it comes to what a guy can drink on a night out. If you do so much as mention that you might be down for some Mojitos or maybe a Sex on the Beach then you have to follow it up with wrestling an alligator while simultaneously having sex with the most beautiful woman in the room. And that’s not even ordering it. But surprisingly enough, some women actually really like when a guy orders a girly cocktail. You Lower Your Douche Level One of the constant battles of hitting on women in the bars is that they’re all on the defensive. You’re a guy drinking alcohol and they’re drunk, so you must be an asshole who’s just picking up women and dropping them like a hot brick. But as soon as you order that girly drink she’s going to see that you aren’t all that worried about looking super masculine. Not caring about what others think it sexy because it makes you more unique. You also come off as…

Why Pretending Not to Show Attraction in Other Women is a Bad Idea

“He is busy looking at a woman on the other side” You have probably seen countless women that you think are gorgeous. Guys look at women other than their wives all the time. There’s nothing wrong with looking. Your wife expects you to look at other women. In fact, you start running into problems the moment that you stop looking. You’re Making Her Suspicious Believe it or not, if you’re in the mood to start having an affair on your wife or girlfriend, one of the worst things you can do is pretend like you don’t have attraction toward any other woman. Women are used to men ogling women. It is just something that they have come to expect. If you’re the type of guy who has been caught looking at another woman every now and then, even to your wife’s annoyance, it probably still didn’t make her as upset as you thought it did. However, when you go from enjoying the appearance of a hot woman to pretending as though, no beautiful women other than your wife exists, it automatically makes her think that you’re up to something. If you’ve been fooling around on your wife and she asks you if you think another woman is attractive, do not…

Why Having Too Much Sex with Your Mistress Can Be a Bad Thing

If you decide to have an affair because your married sex life is suffering, you’re probably excited to find a mistress so that you can start having sex regularly once again. This is obviously one of the biggest benefits of having a woman on the side, but there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. If you start hooking up with your mistress on a regular basis, you might run into the problem of actually having too much sex with her. This might seem impossible to you now, but it can definitely happen and there are some clear drawbacks to this issue. Your Wife Might Notice Something Is Different “Your wife will come to know about your changed behavior” If your wife is used to you trying to get her to have sex on a regular basis, she may notice something has changed. Once you start having regular sex with your mistress, chances are that you’re not going to want or need as much sex with your wife. There is always a chance that your wife will pick up on the fact that you’re asking her about sex much less often, and while she may not immediately suspect you of cheating, it’s sure to raise questions. You can…

What to do if Your Spouse Discovers You’ve Been Looking for an Affair Online

“Is he working or doing something else?” In theory, cheating on your wife is pretty easy. Just do it and don’t get caught. In reality it’s different. There are so many ways to get caught, which means you need to come up with a ton of ways to go about it in secret. On top of that you need to master the art of lying and compartmentalizing any guilt or other negative emotions you feel that can give you away. One of the easiest ways for men to cheat is to mean women online. It can be done in relative secrecy and it’s easy to keep doing it. But that doesn’t mean it’s risk free. So what happens if your spouse discovers what you’ve been doing on the Internet? Feign Ignorance This tactic is only going to work if your wife is considerably less computer savvy than you are. If she doesn’t understand computers or the Internet very well, you can spin the situation one of several ways. If she’s stumbled on your browsing history, lie and say it’s something to do with browser cookies and online ads. Make it sound like what she’s seeing are just suggestions that popped up. Like we said, she needs to be really naïve…

Top 3 Types of Women to Cheat With

When it comes to cheating, not all women are created equal. When you’ve decided to cheat, make sure it’s with a woman that makes life more convenient than difficult for you. College Women “Most college women are okay with dating married men” Personally, we think if you’re going to cheat with a woman who is in college, you should go for one who either has an extremely heavy academic workload. Make sure she values her grades and GPA and that she has a lot of academic goals. The reason you want to do this is because it will limit the time that you spend with her. Regardless of what anyone else will tell you, you do not want to date a college woman who likes to drink and party all the time. These women are typically emotional and will want to cling to you every chance she gets. These are the type of women who will call your house at three o’clock in the morning hoping that your wife answers the phone. Instead, stick to a college woman who will put her schoolwork before you. That way when you do get the chance to spend time with her, it will most likely lead to sex. You won’t have to worry…

Three Key Ways a Casual Affair Will Boost Your Relationship

“A relationship outside your marriage will make you feel satisfied” Indulging yourself with a casual affair can be the best thing for your relationship. We’re not talking about an out and out battle for your love with this. We mean casual sex with some perks, like dinner before. You can experience a great relationship boost if you play your cards right. These are the three main benefits of giving in to temptation in this situation. Take the Pressure off Your Real Relationship Anyone who’s not having sex knows the toll that takes on a relationship. Sooner or later everything becomes about the lack of sex. That’s not good for your relationship. It’s making her unhappy, and it’s making you unhappy, and it’s stopping you from seeing the great things about your relationship. Blowing off steam with a lady on the side means that when you get home to your wife or girlfriend you can think of something besides sex. The two of you can start to have fun together again. This is a huge step forward for couples who have fallen into the no-sex spiral. Wipe Away the Resentment “It will make your sex life better” Even when you can look past the fact that you’re not having sex at…

The Worst First Time Scenarios for an Affair

Having an affair can be messy. If you get caught by your wife, you’re going to be in a whole world of pain. It can also get messy with the woman you’re cheating with. If she gets jealous or develops feelings for you, the affair can become a bomb just waiting to go off. The first time you cheat with the new woman you’re setting the stage for the rest of the affair. If you go about it all wrong, we guarantee there’s going to be trouble later on. Being Seen By Someone You Know “Don’t forget to lock the door” There’s an art to adultery, particularly if you don’t want to get caught. For that reason it’s not a good idea to pick up new women at a place you often frequent with your spouse and your mutual friends. Even if it’s more convenient, don’t do it. Even the remotest chance that someone you know sees you hitting on a woman that’s not your wife can ruin your life. If you really want to carry on with an affair and not be caught, it’s a good idea to avoid familiar places and women that might have mutual acquaintances. Being Caught By Your Wife This should never happen unless you’re…


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